For more than a half century, TANE has been characterised
for its unmatchable passion for silver design and internationally
recognized for its contribution to the development of Mexican
silversmithing, silver and gold jewelry.

The Zona Rosa held the first TANE store.

It was dedicated to manufacturing and selling leather bags.

TANE comes from the French word tannerie, which means saddlery.


TANE began designing silver with a full Mexican style, especially inspired by pre-columbian pieces.


María Félix, a well-known client, had made a series of gold bracelets been made with the engravings: “María Bonita”, “Puma pumita” and “Doña Doñita”.

TANE made the Cockerels inspired on drawings from cockfights.

The Mexican president Adolfo Lopez Mateos gave pieces of Cockerels to Alberto and Paola, the royal couple of Belgium.

The prestige of the brand was confirmed by famous characters who signed the visitors book: Jackie Kennedy, Oscar de la Renta, Henry Ford, Paloma Picasso, the Princess of Asturia, Juan Carlos and Sofía, Paul Newman, John Wayne, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Brigitte Bardot and Catherine Deneuve.

The workshop, which currently continues to provide TANE, was founded.

Veinte Cadenas necklace history:
A supplier came to TANE carrying twenty chains. Together they created an extraordinary effect. Why not make a single necklace with all the chains? The piece was one of the main features of the house for twenty-five years.

Dos Picos Jug
A pre-hispanic reproduction exhibited at the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico.

Objet d’ Art
Since 1974, artists and architects create sculptural silver pieces for TANE: Mathias Goeritz, Leonora Carrington, Gunther Gerzso, Luis Barragán, Manuel Felguerez, Juan Soriano, Ricardo Regazzoni, Sergio Hernández, Marina Láscaris y Javier Marin, Francisco Toledo, Xawery Wolski, Jan Hendrix, among others.


The price of the ounce silver increased almost seven times. To survive, TANE developed parallel product lines in tin and copper.

The first TANE school was founded in Michoacán, Mexico.

In the mid 80’s was created the second TANE school in Zacatecas, Mexico.


TANE offered France to make a school in order to revive the silver trade. Two years later the Phoërmel School was founded. Nowadays, the School keeps teaching this art.


TANE joined Grupo BAL.

TANE continues its “Arte Joya” project with Xawery Wolski and Jan Hendrix collaborations.

One of the most representative icons is the link. TANE keeps innovating and creating unique pieces by using this element.