Our Silver

The association Peñoles and Tane
Peñoles is a metallurgical mining firm that has been a key player in this sector since 1887. It is currently the world's largest producer of refined silver, metallic bismuth and sodium sulfate, and a Latin American leader in gold production, refined lead and zinc.

Tane, meanwhile is dedicated to sublimate the environment for those who have some of its pieces.

Peñoles and Tane share a decided inclination for design and craftsmanship. Everyone from their trenches: one extracting silver from the earth and the other transforming it into beautiful objects that must transcend time.

Peñoles is undoubtedly one of the greatest allies of Tane in producing quality jewelry and accessories. Its bet is decided: Peñoles and Tane have been co-sponsors of the Bienal de Diseño en Plata, unhesitatingly supporting young designers.

To Tane, Mexico's most beloved silversmith firm, Peñoles support has been crucial, which is palpable in events such as: the exhibition at the Franz Mayer Museum to commemorate the seventieth anniversary of Tane and the celebration with friends and colleagues hardly have been possible without the generous sponsorship of Peñoles.