Iris Collection - TANE

TANE presents its first jewelry collection designed by the “Queen of Accessories”: Iris Apfel

Apfel, the last of the originals and a consummate style maker, became world famous when the Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York opened on 2005 the exhibition Rara Avis. Selections of the Iris Apfel Collection.

Since then this renowned designer and decorator, who for decades was in charge of projects such as restoring the fabrics of the White House and had among her clients names like Estée Lauder and Greta Garbo, would find a unique an personal way of showing herself to the world.

In this collaboration with Iris Apfel, TANE thought about a new international creative aspect. “The collection feeds from Ms Apfel’s stories, experiences and how she mixes elements to create a unique style”, explained Nino Bauti, Creative Director of TANE, who worked closely with Apfel in New York to make this project come true.

This genuine and visionary woman is a 21-century icon; someone who has done something many thought was impossible: to prove that you do not have to be young to be cool