Clutch, bracelet and rooster Tane.

TANE, in its constant search for perfection
is synonymous with luxury and quality.
To be close to TANE is to be close to Mexico, close to the Mexican craftsmanship history, close to a firm that for more than a half century has been characterised for its unique passion for design with silver and for its demand in quality in the production of its items.

While forging its way in today´s world of luxury, TANE preserves, like no other, its artistic and craft vitality in its designs as well as a distinct elegance. It is a company that over the years has managed to be creative in every way.

In the early years of the 40s, Mexico City was the home of the first TANE store, engaged in making and selling leather goods. Eleven years later, the business made a turn to silver. The name TANE comes from the French word tannerie, which means saddlery. Since at the beginning TANE was a saddlery, the first letters from the word tannerie were taken to form a short, pleasant and easy name to remember.

Behind any TANE item there are many hours of dedication. Each of the products that bear the TANE signature stamp is special, not only because of the beauty of its design but also because these items are handmade by skilful silversmiths and jewellers.

TANE in its more than half century of existence, has transcended not only for its creativity and versatility, but also for its enriching tradition and its legitimate Mexican heritage.