Woman wearing jewels from the Origami Collection - Tane
For any questions or comments about our products and services, we will be happy to assist you at the following email:
Tane policy of exchanges and returns takes into account the replacement of a product for another of your choice, provided that no damage is found on the item to be exchanged, and you ask for this change within 30 days of the purchase date.
Woman wearing Tane -Hendrix jewels and rings Tane.
Refunds are made only with a credit note. No refunds to credit cards, debit card, coupons, cash or check are made.

For any repair, change or return, it is essential to show the warranty certificate. The replacement of any warranted item will be subject to shipping charges and taxes if applicable.

If you need to send an item from any part of Mexico or abroad, please contact us for advice on how to make the change.

For more information, contact any of our stores or by writing to us: